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What Every New Pet Owner Needs to Know from Your Milwaukee Vet

During the holidays, people get excited about the prospect of giving their loved ones the gift of a new pet. It makes sense - there is so much joy in giving (& receiving!) a playful, furry new friend! If you’re considering gifting a pet this holiday season, there are a few things you'll need to know. Check out these important tips from your Milwaukee Vet at Lakeside Animal Hospital.

It's a Busy Time of Year! Can a New Pet Owner Maintain a Structured Routine? 

Acclimating a pet to its new environment takes time, structure, and patience. New pets can take anywhere from a few days to even a few months to adjust to its new life. That being said, recognize that the holidays are typically a busy time of year. Between the festivities, traveling, and gift giving, a new pet owner may not be able to maintain a structured routine that their new pet needs.  

If you’re not sure it's the right time to bring a new pet into the picture, consider gifting the recipient the supplies needed for their new pet! That way, you can select the pet together after the holidays. You can also prepare for the next holiday season and know How to Keep Your Pet Safe Over the Holidays

Is the New Pet Owner Financially Ready? 

According to MoneyUnder30, the annual cost of dog ownership can vary from $1,000-$4,000 a year and cat ownership can vary from $700-$1,200 a year. Surprising your loved one with this type of cost could be tough on their budget, so it's important that they know these details.

Pets aren’t just animals, they truly become part of the family, so it is important to factor in the cost of pet ownership carefully.

Surprising a Loved One with a New Pet Might Not Be the Best Idea. 

While a surprise is always special, we need to be careful when gifting a loved one a new animal. In fact, we actually encourage you to keep the recipient in the loop. Owning a pet is a major responsibility, especially if the recipient has never been a pet owner before. If you’re set on a surprise, however, try asking a few hypothetical questions about owning a pet a few months before making this big decision.  

Here are some questions to ask: 

  • What kind of animal can you see yourself owning? A kitten? A puppy? A parakeet? 
  • Would you have time in your schedule to take care of a new pet?
  • Is pet ownership within your budget? 

If you’re absolutely sure of this information then you’ll be more comfortable choosing the right pet for the right recipient. 

When the Time is Right, Come Meet Your Milwaukee Vet at Lakeside Animal Hospital. 

Bringing a new pet into the family is fun and exciting, and we can fully understand why the holidays feel like the right time of year to give this special gift. By all means, there is no right or wrong time to adopt a furry friend - as long as the pet owner understands what to expect when it comes to maintenance, time, and expense. By following these tips from your Milwaukee Vet, you’ll make the right choice for all parties.

When you do get a new pet, the team at Lakeside Animal Hospital will be happy to meet your new furry companion and provide them a wellness checkup. Until then, we wish you a very merry holiday season!

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