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Pets and Their People | Meet Lakeside's Awesome Pet Parents (& Their Pets)

What Does "Pets and Their People" Mean to You?

We recently reached out to a few of our awesome, long-term Pet Parents here at Lakeside Animal Hospital to explore one question: what does "Pets and Their People" mean to you?  Take a few moments to meet Linda, Peter, and Diane to hear their heartfelt responses. And, while you're at it, get to know their wonderful pets, too!

Linda Loves Puppies, but Seniors are Her Favorite

Linda is a volunteer for the Illinois Doberman Rescue, a proud Pet Parent to three gorgeous adopted Dobermans, and was once known as the kid in the neighborhood who was always bringing animals home. "I am an only child. The first cat I brought home was an orange and white spotted kitten named Puff. I actually have a picture of him in a doll's coat and hat, seated in a high chair," she laughed.

Like many of us Pet Parents, Linda can't imagine life without a pet. She believes they know when something is wrong - that they can sense it. For example, Linda's first Doberman, Heidi, was her emotional support when her mom died of cancer. "As a person without siblings, Heidi meant everything to me. All of my pets have provided unconditional love, no matter what. They also teach us compassion."

**Note: Linda has fond memories of Heidi, who has since passed away. She recognizes the death of a pet can be tough. If you've experienced the loss of an animal, check out our blog: Grieving the Loss of a Pet is Real.

What Does “Pets and Their People” Mean to Linda?

"'Pets and Their People' is really what it's all about. There are so many loving animals out there that need a home – a family. I’d love to encourage people to adopt a rescue. Puppies are great, but seniors are my favorite.” 

For the past 36-years, Linda believes her pet's care has been in great hands with the team at Lakeside, especially with the oversight from Dr. Rice and Dr. Frank. "Part of choosing Lakeside is longevity. And, with three senior dogs, we're there a lot. Most people know me and my pets and call us by name. They're wonderful, friendly people and I feel like I'm part of a family."

Linda's Cats

  • Gracin likes to talk to Linda and will meow back regularly (Rescue, Grey)
  • Gabby is naughty, smart, and walks with her tail high in the air (Rescue, Grey)

Linda's Dogs

  • Trouper aka "Linda's Energizer Bunny" (14-years-old, Red Doberman)
  • Jake aka "Teddy Bear" (11-years-old, Golden Retriever Lab)
  • Sadie aka "So Happy" (11-years-old, Black Doberman)

Meet Peter and His 9 Amazing Rescue Pets

Peter is the proud parent of 4 dogs, 4 cats, and 1 Scarlet Macaw Parrot. While sharing his interpretation of "Pets and Their People" with us, his 29-year-old Parrot, Echo, lightly chimed in every now and then. 

"He's currently in my hand hanging out with us," Peter shared. "He laughs when we do. He says 'hello' when the phone rings and will sometimes respond, 'I love you.' While these types of birds aren't the most talkative, they are very smart and very beautiful."

Echo was Peter's first pet and Lakeside's Dr. Frank has been taking care of him for the past 3-decades. Penn Engebose, Lakeside's Hospital Manager said, "We'd love to care for Echo for the next 30+ years as these tropical birds can live into their 60's, 70's, maybe even 80's with the right environment and care." Peter told us that, unlike most domesticated birds, Echo isn't locked in a cage. He has his own room and somewhat "rules the house."

Note: Scarlet Macaws are known as some of the most stunning, colorful birds and have spunky personalities. Learn more about these tropical beauties in this article written by The Spruce Pets.

What Does “Pets and Their People” Mean to Peter?

Peter, who is a Co-Pet Parent with his wife Karen, shared, "All of our nine pets are older rescues and they have been such a blessing. They are part of our lives and they’re just like our kids - it's a joy," he heartfully told us. He added, "And all the workers at Lakeside know this…and us."

It's true, their Fur Babies certainly know the vets at Lakeside. "We've seen every vet there...and, they care. Everyone is good about follow-up. They want to make sure our pets are doing well."

Peter's Dogs

  • Cassie aka "The Cutest Barker" (16-year-old Basset Hound)
  • Shadow aka "Peter's Shadow" (15-year-old Sheltie & Collie Shephard Mix)
  • Indie aka "The Sweetest" (11-year-old Border Collie); our sincerest condolences to Peter & Karen as they recently had to say goodbye to their sweet Indie.
  • Champ aka "The Class Clown" (6-year-old Border Collie)

Peter's Cats

  • Abby sleeps on Karen’s head or shoulders every night (10-years-old, Grey & White)
  • Cheeto has a tail that looks like a Cheeto, was rescued from a garbage can, and chirps like a bird when seeking attention (8-years-old, Orange & White)
  • Parker is an adopted feral cat that loves catnip (10-years-old, Black & Grey)
  • Otis "walks like a drunk" as he has a little bit of an issue with his back leg (8-years-old, Black)

Diane has been a Devoted Client since the 70's

It was the mid-70's when Diane opened her home to her first dog and cat, and she's been a Lakeside client ever since.

"Friends recommended Lakeside," Diane shared. "I started out with Dr. Hoppe and today I see Dr. Martinez. The whole team is wonderful. I wouldn't take my pets to see them if they were not highly competent with my animals and with me."

Diane feels that the team at Lakeside doesn’t just care for her pets – they also take the time to make sure she understands how to be a good, responsible Pet Parent. “They’re top-notch. The total experience has been positive," she added.

What Does Pets and Their People Mean to Diane?

“My pets are my family and they love me,” Diane exclaimed. “They're just the best and they're all spoiled. As a member of the Milwaukee County Zoo and as someone who has worked at the Humane Society for 18-years, I just love animals. I never understood how someone couldn’t.”

Diane's Cats

  • Lexie is the oldest (Calico, Rescue)
  • Pumpkin is totally blind and a sweet baby (Orange Tabby, Rescue)
  • Tucker is the youngest (Calico, Rescue)

Diane's Dogs

  • Buddy (supposed to be a small Beagle Mix, but he’s a Hound Mix – and big!)
  • Joy (Corgi Mix)

Note: Can our pets help keep us physically and mentally healthy? We think so. Check out this Lakeside blog to learn more.

Would You like to be Featured in a Lakeside Blog?

If you and your pet would like to be featured in a Lakeside Animal Hospital Blog, contact our friendly Hospital Manager, Penn Engebose. She's looking to interview individuals for a fun blog entitled, "10 Ways My Pet Makes Me a Happier Human." Or, continue following us on social media for ongoing stories and share your #petsandtheirpeople experiences (with a picture!) and tag us @lakesideanimalhospital.

We want to communicate to the world that we’re all about “Pets and Their People” – and, it's not just because we're pet owners and Veterinarians. It's because we see the value, every single day, in this unique bond. The relationships between pets and humans are deeply rooted and leave forever-imprints in both of our lives.

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