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  • Getting to Know the Compassionate Doctors of Lakeside Animal Hospital
    We'd like to introduce the Doctors of Lakeside Animal Hospital to you, who provide a depth and breadth of knowledge you won’t find elsewhere. It is also because of their love for pets and their people that we have been able to serve generation after generation. Good leaders are invaluable. Read more
  • How to Keep Our Pets Happy and Safe from Periodontal Disease
    Being a pet parent is not just about giving love - it's also about managing our pet's healthcare. To ensure that your cat or dog is happy and healthy, learn about the stages and signs of Periodontal Disease and what you can do to prevent it. Read more
  • 4 Important Summer Safety Tips for Dog Owners
    We know you love your pup and want to provide the best possible care, which is why Lakeside Animal Hospital has created a list of important safety tips for dog Read more
  • Why We're Proud to be an Accredited Animal Hospital
    Did you know that 60% of people believe their animal hospital is accredited? Unfortunately, only 12% of clinics meet the 900+ standards to be accredited and Lakeside Animal Hospital is so proud to be amongst them! Take a few moments to learn why choosing an accredited animal hospital is important. Read more
  • How Our Pets Keep Us Physically & Mentally Healthy
    Did you know that our fur-babies can keep us physically and mentally healthy? Take a few moments to learn how the bond between animals and humans positively impacts our quality of living Read more

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