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If you are looking for an Animal Behavior Consultation we recommend the Wisconsin Humane Society. They can offer you one-on-one assistance with your companion’s behavioral challenges. All consultations are performed by one of their specialists in the Behavioral Department and are guided by the positive, humane principles developed by Dr. Emily Weiss, a nationally known Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist. They will help you identify the behavioral problems and give you solutions to manage and modify those behaviors. The goal is to give you techniques that allow you to have a safe and long-lasting bond with your companion.

The cost of a behavior consultation is $75 per session for a dog adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society, and $90 for all other dogs. Based on an initial evaluation, further consultations may be recommended.

There is a discounted package rate available for those that require multiple sessions.

If you would like to schedule a consultation or receive more information about this service, please call the Wisconsin Humane Society at (414)431-6173.