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We know that pet owners may have questions when it comes to Lakeside Animal Hospital. Below you’ll find some of the most common questions we’re asked. You can also print our brochure, which gives even more information about our organization. And if you have additional questions, give us a call at (414) 962-8040 or email lakeside211@yahoo.com.

Q: Do you take work-ins and walk-ins?

A: If your pet is seriously ill or injured, we will see him immediately (during business hours, we are not staffed 24/7). A technician will assess any walk-in’s to determine the animal’s stability and the urgency of the situation. If your pet’s condition is not urgent, you may be asked to return for a regular appointment or to wait to be seen until after other scheduled appointments are completed. Emergency appointments are billed an emergency exam rate.

Q: Do you board pets? 

A: No, but we have a list of recommended boarders that you can refer to.

Q: Does my pet have to be on a leash?

A: Yes, for your safety and the safety of our staff and other visitors,all pets must be in a carrier or on a leash at all times.

Q: How old does my pet have to be to be spayed or neutered?

A: These procedures should be done when your pet is 6-months old. You’ll need to bring him in for an exam to ensure that he’s healthy enough for the surgical procedure, and vaccinations need to be current prior to the time of surgery.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover

Q: Can I set up a payment plan?

A: Generally, no. The hospital administrator will review special cases before an exception will be granted.

Q: What is your prescription dispensing policy?

A: A current doctor-client relationship must be established for us to dispense medications to your pet. This means your pet needs to be examined yearly to maintain a current relationship. Without this relationship, under current State of Wisconsin law, we are unable to prescribe, dispense, or sell prescription medications or prescription foods.

Q: What is your prescription return policy?

A: Due to FDA regulations, prescription items cannot be returned.

Q: What is the pre-anesthetic blood screening?

A: This screening tests the organ functions, blood counts, and clotting function of your pet, and is done to assure safety during surgery and the ability to heal following surgery. It is recommended for all animals over six years old, and in some cases younger pets may require it.