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Vaccinations can be a hot topic in pets, just as they are in humans. Our veterinarians all agree that it’s important for all cats, dogs, and ferrets to be immunized to prevent contagious, potentially life-threatening diseases. Each pet is different, and not every pet needs every vaccination. Our vets are skilled at recommending appropriate vaccinations based on your pet’s age, breed, current state of health, prior vaccinations, potential for exposure to diseases, and lifestyle.
The same diseases that your pet can be vaccinated against (distemper, parvovirus, feline leukemia, rabies) can be difficult to treat, and even deadly. Our goal is to prevent, rather than treat these diseases.
In alignment with our promise of honest, intelligent, caring service, we’ve researched a new “hot topic” trend: administering heartworm medication year-round. You have choices when it comes to heartworm preventative medication for your pet. Based on the research of our team of veterinarians, we’ve chosen to administer this medication for six months out of the year (June 1 – November 1).

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