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Lakeside Animal Hospital was founded in 1939 by Dr. A.W. Lange. The headline in the Whitefish Bay Herald read, “Animal Hospital in Whitefish Bay Cures Ills of Family Pets.” The story continued: “Air-conditioned throughout, the hospital is equipped with the most modern and sanitary equipment. Outdoor exercise yards are provided for patients that can ‘be about.’ Private rooms, some of them sound proof so that unruly patients cannot disturb the rests of the peaceful ones, are provided. A special diet kitchen provides the proper food. A fluoroscope permits internal examination, an x-ray machine for treatments and pictures, and a complete pharmacy and a research laboratory are included in the building.”

Much has changed at the hospital since 1939; in 1952 Dr. George Lynch purchased the hospital and in 1956 Dr. Robert Nelson joined as a partner. Thirty-three years later, in June of 1989 Lakeside’s ownership changed again, this time to Dr. Wayne Hoppe and Dr. James Frank. In 1992, Dr. William Rice came aboard as a partner, and in 2004, Dr. Hoppe retired, Dr. Frank retired in 2019 leaving Dr. Rice to be the managing DVM.

Today, Lakeside Animal Hospital stands in nearly the same location as it did in 1939 and many pet owners are second or third generation Lakeside patrons. Our staff is made up of 24 people passionate about pets, five of which are veterinarians.

Today, we operate our organization with the following objectives in mind:

  • Deliver the highest quality medical care and extraordinary service with a commitment to fair prices
  • Adopt clinical and business best-practices in all areas of our organization
  • Create a respectful and enjoyable workplace by recruiting the best people to join our team
  • Motivate our staff by providing professional growth opportunities
  • Employ financially sound business practices in the management of our hospital
  • Uphold all ethical and legal aspects of the field of veterinary medicine

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